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It seems to be that nowadays the "IQ test" or "IQ measurement" terms are not new anymore. IQ, also called Intelligent Quotient, is a measurement of human intelligence . Currently it is no longer only encapsulated in the "measure just to know" kind of thing but has become an indispensable requirement in school entry tests, or recruitment of businesses ...

Once we have known about it, it is obvious that we will be very curious about our online IQ Test and would like to measure to see how it is. IQ measurement will be done through IQ tests with IQ format multiple choice questions. There are many different way to Test IQ , hence the numbers of questions are also not the same. And we'll answer these questions in a certain time period. Of course in order to increase accuracy, we can only take each test 1 time. Although the test are different but the results will not differ much.

Before, IQ measurement was done at a center specializing in this subject. Today this kind of test is not that inconvenient anymore, we can buy books on IQ and do it ourselves, or we may take free IQ test online on the Internet.

IQ Test Free, Test IQ online, Gratis Quick IQ test questions are often in the form of flash sites , or belong to a certain organization, or simply are posts on forums shared by some member who collect the tests from some other sources. When taking these online tests, there will be instructions for us to measure ourselves about testing format, time, how score is marked. There are also the tests that give us direct result but we will not know the answers of these tests. There is also a form of online IQ Test in which we will have to send a text to receive the result of our IQ scores when the test is completed, and of course it will take a small fee for that text.

When we test IQ online, we have the advantage of taking it free and simple. Therefore , why would we hesitate to try.

Here is the online IQ Test you can refer to:

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